Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What could be better than a personal microderm system!

My favorite online store, skincarerx.com has given hail2thesnowqueen a personal microderm system at home kit to giveaway. Go to her blog and read her review complete with pictures. I would love to win this as I have many issues that could benefit from a personal microderm system in the privacy of my own home! To read all the details about the system go here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One More Chance Skincarerx.com $100 Bucks!

I am back and still trying to win one of these www.skincarerx.com gift cards. If at first you don't succeed - keep trying! So please visit Suka and Spice to enter.

And while you are browsing skincarerx.com be sure to check out the La Roche Posey line.

Now for an extra special treat use coupon code NEWLOOK20 and get (drum roll) 20% off your purchase PLUS a free beauty cache. So, # 1 go to www.sukaandspice.com and enter to win a $100.00 gift card, #2, go to www.skincarerx.com and redeem you coupon code today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Luxe Tips HUGE Skincarerx.com Giveaway!

If you are a fan of www.skincarerx.com like I am, you will definately need to head over to Luxe Tips to enter the $100.00 skincarerx.com gift card giveaway. Skincarerx has just about every high end brand you can think of and especially the La Roche Posey collection which is a must have. And be sure to add Luxe Tips to your favorites list for great beauty tips, trends and tricks!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey everyone! Got another great giveaway for you at Bella's Beauty Spot. Jump over there now and enter to win any products on the Frownies website. The Giveaway ends on 4/26/2010 so don't delay. I don't know about you but I sure could use the Face Lift in a Bag. With a face lift in a bag what else would you need! While you are at Bella's Beauty Spot be sure to read her review of several of the Frownie products. And as if that is not enough Bella is also having a Somme Institute giveaway going on until 4/24/2010. WOW!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Beauty Counter $100.00 Gift Card Giveaway!

My favorite blog The Beauty Counter is giving away a $100.00 gift card to SkincareRX.com. There have been several of these giveaways recently and as much as I have tried I can't seem to win one. But maybe we will be lucky this time! Skincarerx.com has soooo many things to chose from - that $100.00 would go very quickly because my wish list is pretty long. They have great brands like Skinceuticals. Visit The Beauty Counter blog before April 2, 2010 for a chance to win, and my sure to add the great blog to your favorites list. If you are the winner let me know what you purchase with your $100.00!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Chance to Win $150.00 from Skincarerx.com

So, you did't win the Mythbuster Beauty $150.00 www.Skincarerx.com giveaway - never fear I have found us another chance at that pot of gold! Be sure to visit www.clairesbeauty.com before March 7th and you can get up to 12 chances at the prize. You can post, blog and tweet your way into the contest. Go to www.skincarerx.com/skinceuticals.html and make your list out right now. What are you going to buy with your $150.00? How 'bout Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter with www.skincarerx.com free shipping you would have just enough to cover it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mythbuster Beauty $150.00 SkincareRx.com Giveaway

WOW what a fabulous giveaway at http://www.mythbusterbeauty.com/. Head over there right now and enter to win a $150.00 gift card from http://skincarerx.com/skinceuticals.html. You can find all the best beauty brands Skincarerx.com, including Skinceuticals . They also have a great deal going on now called the Beauty Cache. A ton of skincare samples in a lovely cosmetic bag for only $29.95! I love to try new products and this is a great way to do just that without breaking the bank. And as always free shipping (over $49.00) can't beat that!

So head over to Mythbusterbeauty.com right now to enter. This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will end February 8, 2010. Get your list ready of all the goodies you can get with $150.00!